What and why

Photo by Rahul Ghodeswar

When travelling to cities abroad, I love running there, to see the place, and to get a different feeling of it. (-And to impress my wife later in the stay, about how amazingly well I know the place. 😉)

But sometimes it would be easier to find the best way around, and the special “secret” spots, in the company of a local runner.

In Copenhagen, you can run with me.

So if you’re visiting Copenhagen, and would like to run the city, let me know, and let’s see if we can work something out.

H.C._Ørstedsparken_Photographer_WoCo-800pxDisclaimer: I’m NOT a professional guide. I’m just a runner, combining a part of my training with showing my city to other runners. I know and love my city, but I DON’T know all the historic dates and stuff. I’ll just point and talk, more or less. (Copenhagen has a few professional running guide services as well. Look’em up, if that’s more like what you’re looking for.). But even if I’m not a pro, I guess I’m doing OK 😉. You might want to take a look at my review page. And I don’t charge. It’s free. Totally. It’s true. I’ll accept a high five, though. -And I would very much appreciate a review at Facebook or TripAdvisor.

Another thing: Since it’s in my spare time, I’ll run when possible, and answer messages as soon as possible. I have a job and a half already, so it may not work out. But in that case, I might be able to give you a hint or two, about where to run.

Give it a try! Let me know when you’re in town, and if you’re into sightseeing, architecture, parks, whatever, and how far you’d like to run.

Get in touch!


If there is a vision in doing this, it might be a small hope that somebody would do the same in other places, and that I would find it, someday. I’d love that.