Where, when, how

RBC-områdeNormally I’ll suggest running for about an hour, in the city. More or less within this indicated area. I’ll pick you up where you stay in the city, or we’ll arrange where to meet.

I’ll plan the route based on what you want, and where we start. Sights, quiet spots, parks … Let me know what you would like to see. Or I’ll prepare a nice mix, myself.

We’ll be running at a moderate pace. I need to be able to talk unless of course, you prefer me to just point and shut up. 😉  Maybe 5:30 – 6 min/km. And maybe a short photo stop every now and then if you want.

To make it fit my working hours, mornings are normally best. But my hours vary, so let’s see what’s possible.

As for language:

English: Yes, please.

German: I understand almost everything, but speak it poorly.

French: I understand next to nothing, and speak even less . Désolé …

Spanish: I would LOVE to, but apart from hola, gracias, cortado, and cerveza, I’m afraid not.

Other languages: Sorry, not really. Except for Danish and “Scandinavian”, that is.